Demonstration in real user environment: Sweden

The Swedish demonstrator will take place in a rural part of southern Sweden (west side), close to the small town of Åmål. The demonstrator area is characterised by 2 MV lines with a total of 51 SSs involving 528 customers and LV lines are mostly overhead. All the residential customers are equipped with SMs.

The Swedish demonstrator is mainly focused on monitoring and control of LV network and Smart Metering data utilization; stressing one functionality related to automation and control of MV network and other focused in testing interoperability of equipment from different manufactures with the LV management System.

MV Lines

Secondary substations


Expected results and benefits

  • Development of system functionalities for 10/0,4 kV network achieved by a full-scale demonstration in real operational environment with system integration, network synchronisation and cost-benefit analyses to control and secure operating networks.
  • Installation, test and validation of supplier independent equipment in the 10/0.4 kV network to improve Outage Management and Power Quality.
  • Preparing the development of the next generation ICT infrastructure for Smart Metering and Smart Grids, indicating costs for investment and operation and future business possibilities.

Some devices will be installed mainly for monitoring and control LV and MV networks

The main outcomes within the scope of the UPGRID Swedish demonstrator will be provided by June 2017.


Partners involved

Vattenfall will be the demo responsible, coordinating the demo partners and providing high-level specification on the functions to be deployed in the Vattenfall distribution network in Sweden.

General Electric will provide SCADA and DMS developments and will also be a supplier of intelligent equipment for distribution substations and networks.

Schneider Electric will provide AMM operation bringing Smart Metering expertise, will supply intelligent equipment for distribution substations and provide tools for analysing LV networks.

Powel AS will supply specific software tools in relation to asset management for distribution networks and also software for DMS.

UPGRID project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 646.531