Demonstration in real user environment: EDP – Portugal

The Portuguese demonstrator will be deployed in Lisbon within the parish of Parque das Nações. The demonstrator area is characterised by 2 substations, 140 SSs, 13.450 residential consumers (LV) and 16 EV charging stations. This site has not got Smart Grid infrastructure installed. Therefore, it is planned to install Distribution Transformer Controllers (DTC) in all SSs and EDP Box (Smart Meters) in all LV clients.

Apart from some sub-functionalities related to LV network management, it is worth underlining the Portuguese approach to active demand topics, market design and sub-functionalities based on DER integration and electrical vehicle. This is the demo most focused on demand management in UPGRID.


Secondary Substations

Residential customers (LV)

EV charging stations

Expected results and benefits

The main outcomes that the demonstrator envisages achieving till June 2017 are:

  • Demonstrate in real environment end users engagement through the combined use of AMI and Home.
  • Specify, develop and testing Energy Management Systems.
  • Improve the LV Network visibility, management and automation to support higher levels of DER without compromising quality of supply.
  • Engagement of stakeholders through a Neutral access platform that will highlight the distribution network needs, supporting market operation.
  • Allow an advanced assistance and support to the grid maintenance crews and grid operators.

Some devices will be installed in relation to the deployment of the AMI infrastructure in the area and the Home Energy Management System for those sub-functionalities related to active demand.

Partners involved

EDP Distribuiçao is the demo coordinator and will be responsible for steering the Portuguese partners. Part of EDP’s distribution asset in Lisbon will be used to develop the demo.

In addition to the contribution to the specification and design of communication solutions, NOS will implement and operate it for the Portuguese demo.

Inesc will evaluate current tools and solutions, developing, adapting and validating some new ones (forecasting, NAP services, Power analysis), and testing some particular functionalities in the lab.

WithUS will develop and supply consumption management devices, information systems to monitor and control this equipment and integrate then into DSM solutions for the demo.

UPGRID project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 646.531