Demonstration in real user environment: Spain

The Spanish demonstrator is being carried out in Bilbao area in the North of Spain in the distribution grid operated by Iberdrola Distribución. The demonstrator area is characterised by 1.075 Secondary Substations (SSs) (from which 100 SSs are equipped with Advanced LV supervision devices what means having more than 800 LV lines supervised) and more than 190.000 customers will be involved. The massive Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) deployment in the area was completed before UPGRID.

The Spanish demonstrator is mainly focused on monitoring and control of LV network and network management methodologies for network operations, although it must be underlined the selection of two sub-functionalities related to novel approaches to asset management.

Demo developed leveraring on Bidelek sareakproject

Secondary substations

minimun number of LV Lines supervised

minimum number of customers

Expected results and benefits

The main outcomes that the demonstrator envisages achieving from April 2015 to June 2017 are:

  • Have a sound LV network representation, deploying tools to operate the network
  • Develop a dispatch tool to support LV network operations
  • Be able to do remote control operation of LV grid over Smart Metering PRIME
  • Empower customers with information, knowledge skills and tools.

Partners involved

Iberdrola Distribución is the demo responsible. A portion of its distribution network is being used to develop the demo. Iberdrola is in charge of the coordination of the partners participating in the demo.

General Electric will provide the LV Network Management System.. That means collaborating in: LV Network Modelling and Analysis; HV/MV, GIS and AMM integration and Smart analytics and Mobile applications.

EVE will be involved in all subtasks derived from the capacity building of electricity customers on the benefits of Smart Grids and Smart Metering.

ZIV will be in charge of the part based on PRIME (LV Powerline communication) for telecontrol. Moreover, ZIV will be the vendor for the advanced LV supervisor and it is the manufacture of some of the SM already installed in the demo area.

Tecnalia will be in charge of the analysis of event processing at the end user level (DSO) and contributing in the integration of the PRIME-based grid management with the rest of the systems. Moreover, it will facilitate the proper integration of the applicable WP2 components.

UPGRID project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 646.531