UPGRID participated in the IV Congreso Smart Grids (23rd October, 2017. Madrid, Spain), organized by Tecmared group and with the collaboration of Futured Platform. The objective in this Spanish congress was to present the UPGRID Spanish demo results. For this purpose, a paper was prepared: “Solutions for improving the LV operation and maintenance: UPGRID project” with contributions from all demo partners [Raúl Bachiller Prieto and Ana González Bordagaray (Iberdrola), Mónica Pintado (GE Power), Laura Marrón Merino (ZIV Automation) and Sandra Riaño Fernández (Tecnalia)] and a presentation, with the homonymous title, was presented by Roberto González Sainz-Maza (Project Coordinator) during the event who also participated in one of the conference sessions. An overview of the UPGRID project as a whole was also provided showing the animated project video to help the audience to understand the project context.

Practical examples of how the Spanish UPGRID demonstrator is promoting proven solutions for operating present and future LV networks were shown. The covered topics aroused the interest of the public based on the contact received during the networking breaks.

The event, which is the most important professional annual forum of Smart Grids in Spain, served as a space for discussion, debate and exchange ideas on the present & future of Smart Grids. Among the topics discussed, it is worth mentioning the “3 Ds” that are leading the energy transition nowadays toward the climate objectives: Decarbonisation, Digitalisation and Decentralisation. It was agreed that the electricity sector is a key enabler for that and its evolution is being materialised in the Smart Grids. During the congress interesting issues were addressed: supervision and automation of LV/MV grids, cybersecurity, IT/OT, innovation frameworks, future roles in the electricity sectors, barriers and solutions.