UPGRID participated in the European Utility Week 2017 (3rd – 5th October, 2017). For this event, a presentation titled “UPGRID, proven solutions for operating present and future LV networks” was prepared. Roberto González Sainz-Maza (Project Coordinator), Ángel Díaz Gallo (Technical Director), Ana González Bordagaray (representing Spanish demo), Paulo Libano Monteiro (representing Portuguese demo) and Peter Söderström (representing Swedish demo) presented the project taking part in the “Testing Future Business Models” session, within the “H2020: the European Union programme for Research and Innovation” hub.

The presentation was based on the following three topics:

  • What the UPGRID project is and its objectives…showing the institutional project video.
  • Technical overview of the UPGRID demonstrators.
  • Demo results (Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Poland).

Practical examples of how UPGRID is promoting proven solutions for operating present and future LV networks were shown, at first hand, by demo representatives. It was a well attending session (around 30 people). The covered topics aroused the interest of the public based on the presentation audience, but also due to the well attendance project desk to watch the project video, take a project leaflet and ask questions.

The UPGRID project was also represented in the panel “Towards a pan-European approach to data handling” session, within the same hub, by Ángel Díaz Gallo (Technical Director). The panel was opened by a short presentation of four H2020 projects explaining how they are dealing and contributing to innovative approaches to Data Management (corresponding to H2020 BRIDGE WG), what was followed by a round of questions from the moderator to the panellists. The UPGRID intervention emphasised that data management is everywhere in the project. Two project based use cases were explained: adopting smart meter events as key data for LV network operation and extended use of network data by field crews through mobility tools. The need of a pre-defined data strategy management as opposite to a massive deploying of monitoring devices and data collection without a clear purpose is advice. Finally, the use of the Common Information Model (CIM) in the project represents a step forward on data management.

The UPGRID project is included in the brochure that presents a snapshot of projects managed by INEA that develop innovative solutions for smart grids and storage, and it was distributed during the European Utility Week.