InnoGrid2020+ is the EU event on innovation in electricity networks. It is organised by the European Network for Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) and the European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids (EDSO) bringing together the European Commission, policy makers, DSOs/TSOs, manufactures, university, research institutions, … It provides a unique opportunity to take stock of the content and direction of R&D with European added-value, as well as to address some of the main challenges still being faced. The 6th of InnoGrid2020+ was based on the arising topic “network of networks”.

UPGRID project was presented in two actions during the event: A project presentation (+round table) and poster session.

UPGRID project was explained during a 10 min presentation in the “Prosumer empowerment & active system management” parallel session. After a short introduction, the UPGRID institutional video was shown following by demo-based slides and a list of next steps. It was a very “close to earth” presentation. In the same session, other four projects were presented (Electra, FutureFlow, InspireGrid and Puglia Active Network). The moderator, Annika Viklund (Senior Vice-President, Vattenfall), boosted the panel asking key questions after each presentation and promoting the participation from the attendees.

During the UPGRID intervention Roberto González, our Project Coordinator, remarked some key aspects supported by the project:

  • The importance of Low Voltage monitoring to leverage current smart grid efforts.
  • UPGRID developments and deployments have a positive impact on consumers (i.e. improvement in quality of supply, and more detailed information provided to consumers).
  • Even though consumer recruitment is a challenge, it is very interesting to interact with them. The project is doing an effort on this.
  • Project partners will exploit results after the end of the project.

Comments and interventions during the panel session mentioned the importance of: 1) innovation to move networks forwards, 2) the relevance of starting from consumers’ motivations and keep things simple to be successful in recruitment process and building a trust framework between actors.

A variety of people attending the event got very interested in the details of the project shown in the UPGRID posters and leaflets.