During June 12 to 15 CIRED, the leading forum about Electricity Distribution Community, took place in Glasgow (Scotland). Iberdrola, EDP Distribuição, Vattenfall, Energa, GE, Tecnalia, ZIV and Schneider Electric represented UPGRID project in this conference.

Papers, oral and poster sessions were presented based on each of the four UPGRID demonstrators. Moreover, partners of the UPGRID project from General Electric (GE), Iberdrola and Vattenfall hosted a live demonstrator at the GE conference booth, opened to all CIRED visitors. It was titled: “The Future of Operation and Control on the LV Grid”. The exhibition provided the opportunity to show the Spanish and Swedish UPGRID demonstration on real time by remotely connecting to both real live Low Voltage Network Management Systems (LV NMS) deployed in each Distribution System Operator (DSO), based on GE PowerOn technology. Similarly, Schneider Electric (SE) and Vattenfall hosted another live demonstrator at the SE conference booth, to show how the Swedish demonstrator handled the RTU data and meter data to monitor the Low Voltage grid.

Spanish demonstrator

The LV NMS deployed in the Spanish demo was shown in a 30 min live demonstration conducted by Mónica Pintado (GE) and Ana González (Iberdrola). It was focused on showing how the visibility, controllability and operation of the LV network can be improved and the use of mobile devices for LV operational activities in the field. Attendees showed interest on the final solution, the Geographic Information System (GIS) integration, the duration of the Common Information Model (CIM) import process, new functionalities available from mobile devices (such as cuts and jumpers and smart meter polling) and demo network key figures.

The first paper “Adopting Smart Meter Events as Key Information for Low Voltage Network operation” was presented by Sandra Riaño (Tecnalia) in the main session 3 (focused on operation, control and protection). The undertaken demo analysis was explained, giving brief background information about smart meter events and their potential for network operation. After exposing the developed analysis tools, the presentation highlighted the results achieved, such as field work motivation, refinement of some equipment inventories, implementation of the Virtual Register and graphical analysis aimed to the detection of LV improvements at supply quality. The audience was interested in knowing if some standards or European Commission guidelines about smart meters had been taken into account along the survey, but these recommendations were published after the analysis was set. However, they could be considered in future works. The second paper “MV high impedance faults detection based on LV measurements” was presented by ZIV and described an innovative and field tested solution in order to remotely detect high impedance MV faults caused by broken conductors (and any MV open phase situation).

Portuguese demonstrator

Two papers were presented by the Portuguese demo. Rui Couto (INESC TEC) presented the first paper “Towards New Data Management Platforms for a DSO as a Market Enabler – UPGRID Portugal demo”. An oral presentation of 12 minutes in session 6 and a one-tour poster presentation were performed to present the first paper that describes the Market Hub platform. This platform was developed in the Portuguese demo as a way of promoting the exchange of smart metering data between the DSO and different stakeholders, guaranteeing neutrality, efficiency and transparency. Attendees showed interested in knowing more about the theoretical aspects of the Market Hub, such as the role of the different stakeholders or the motivation behind the platform and some practical issues, such as data formats or communication protocols.

Jorge Moreira (EDP Distribuição) presented the second paper “Predictive Management of Low Voltage Grids” in a two-tour poster presentation with around 40 people per tour. The paper presented the functional model that provided net-load forecasts for each LV node, including PV generation and self-consumption, developed for the UPGRID framework project. The audience was interested in knowing how the methodology that was presented could improve the operation. Questions about the impact of the operation at the low voltage level were made. The attendees were also interested in understanding how the forecasting algorithm presented worked.



Swedish demonstrator

A 12 minutes presentation of the paper “Enhanced LV supervision by combining data from meters, secondary substation (SS) measurements and MV SCADA” was performed by Etherden Nicholas (Vattenfall) and David Pampliega (Schneider Electric). The paper described a practical demonstration of LV and MV network monitoring through information exchange between metering, SCADA and network information systems.

A half hour demonstration of the Swedish demo and a one hour discussion for 30/30 people was also held at Schneider Electric booth at CIRED on June 13. Etherden Nicholas (Vattenfall) and David Pampliega (Schneider Electric) were also responsible for an interactive poster session with 3-minute presentation of the Swedish demo on 14 June.

A demonstration for 20 people was organised in the GE booth. Vattenfall demonstration focused on integration with third-party systems, status information, events and readings from smart meters and network device monitors. Several discussions with other DSO occurred during the event, since they were interested in the use of meter events for LV supervision. The feedback received was that the work developed is very far ahead and that the Swedish demonstrator is a good example for other utilities that are only starting now to deploy smart meters.

Polish demonstrator

The Polish demonstrator presented two papers. Sławomir Noske (Energa) presented the paper “Advance control and monitoring in secondary substation – project UPGRID” in a poster presentation. The paper and poster presented a detailed description of the integrated Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Smart Grid (SG) solutions in the SS and the experience gained during the project UPGRID. The integration of hardware communication solution in SS is also one of the new concept deployed within UPGRID project and described in the paper.

Kaja Swat (Atende) presented the second paper “UPGRID project – the management and control of LV network” in a poster session. The paper and poster presented information about ITC in UPGRID project (SCADA LV and DEMS). The attendees showed high interest during the interactive poster session. The audience requested more details about SS and Distribution Management System (DMS) during the event.