UPGRID participated in the European Utility Week 2016 (15th – 17th November, 2016). For this event, a presentation titled “UPGRID, proven solutions for operating present and future LV networks” was prepared. Roberto González Sainz-Maza (Iberdrola) represented the project taking part in the “Optimisation” session #42 (within the “Intelligent Grid” hub) on November 15th with 20’ presentation and contributing to a session panel.

The presentation was based on the following three topics:

  • What the UPGRID project is and its objectives.
  • Description of the UPGRID demonstrators (Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Poland).
  • What is being done to improve the operation and management of LV networks.

Practical examples of how UPGRID is promoting proven solutions for operating present and future LV networks were shown. It was a well attending session (around 50 people). The covered topics aroused the interest of the public. The number of questions serves as example of it. Most of them were focused on the LV network and active demand management.

The panel was opened with a round of questions from the moderator to five panellists that had participated previously on the presentation session block. They were mainly focused on: active demand management, aggregation business model and reasons why certain network actuations are being performed now instead of having been done at an earlier point in time or wait to the future. Regarding the latter point, the UPGRID representative used the LV monitoring as example. He argued that thanks to a wider roll out of solutions, DSOs are acquiring more complete field experience today than during past limited deployments. This has been possible mainly due to device cost adjustments.

During the event, Roberto González had the opportunity to meet one of the UPGRID End-User Advisory Board members, VaasaETT. UPGRID details related to end-user issues were discussed. VaasaETT representatives showed interest in the recruitment process in which UPGRID is currently involved (WP9) and a possible collaboration on it. With this regards, Natconsumers project findings on household customer engagement and how these can be applied in UPGRID pilots were discussed. UPGRID representative showed interest in further collaboration.