On the 18 and 19 October it was held in Madrid the III Congress of Smart Grids, organized by the Tecmared group and with the collaboration of Futured Platform.

The event, which is the most important professional biannual forum of Smart Grids in Spain, served as a space for discussion, debate and exchange of ideas on the future of Smart Grids in an integrated way, addressing both technical aspects such as economic and regulatory. Among the topics discussed they can cite some as the automation of the electrical network in both transport and distribution, measures of demand management, electric vehicle, distributed storage and generation, digitalization of electrical networks (BigData, IoT) and potential new business opportunities.

In relation with UPGRID project, Karmele Herranz Pascual, from TECNALIA, presented a paper entitled “Social Impact of Grids Smart: an experience of how to increase user collaboration in improving Intelligent Networks” analyzing the active role that consumers must meet to enable change paradigm posed by Smart Grids.

The conclusion of this communication could be summarized as: “We must not only develop, we must also inform, disseminate and educate”.

It was the first congress in which there have been communications with content specifically related to consumers. Regarding these, also he discussed:

  • The central and active role that should be the consumer.
  • The right of consumers to tele-management.
  • The access to consume information should be easy and not discriminative.
  • The benefits for the customer.
  • In Spain there is a high progress in relation to the installation of Smart meters, but this is not communicate with user, ie, no access to information in real time. The price signals do not vary…

At the end of the congress the following conclusions were highlighted:

  1. There are changes that appear shortly in the European directive.
  2. The digitization of the smart grids involves changes that can affect, among other things, privacy of consumer information.
  3. The relevance of training & education.